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AC Axial Fan is Commonly Used by Electronic Components

  • Date:16-08-2017
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    AC axial fans are common types of fans used in electron […]

    AC axial fans are common types of fans used in electronic components. The axial fan uses a propeller to generate a large airflow in the direction of the axis and move the air in the direction parallel to the blade axis. In other words, the fan blows air through the axis of the blade, hence the axis of the fan. The fan removes the heated air from the part and sucks the cooler air on it, giving the component a better service life.

    The AC cooling fan is operated by blowing air along the axis of the fan. The AC fan has a frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and a different rated voltage. AC axial fans are available in standard sizes of 60mm, 80mm and 120mm. The most common AC cooling fan voltage in the United States is 115 and 230 V fans. NMB manufacturing 110 and 200-volt fans, the most common in Asia and Europe. AC cooling fans are found in various applications that require ventilation.

    These fans are designed for forced air cooling of electronic equipment. The purpose of the AC fan and any other cooling fan is to protect the electronic equipment in the system by maintaining the electronic device at the optimum cooling temperature. The fan will pass through a variable rate of rotation to produce cold air, thus preventing heat from deteriorating, which will undoubtedly harm the device and will prevent premature failure. The best performance of your device is the primary task for fans.

    The amount of power that the system can tolerate or the amount of power it allows determines the type of fan that can be used. The cost difference between the AC axial fan and the DC fan is negligible, so the appropriate fan is selected according to its function and performance. When the AC fan provides constant flow, the DC fan will provide variable nonuniform flow. DC fans consume less power, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference level is low. DC fans and blowers provide silent operation, can be used for medical equipment, telecommunications switches, automotive entertainment systems and other applications. When selecting a fan for an application, it is important to check the fan type, fan type, air flow, and cooling requirements for AC or DC power supply for the system and application.


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