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Axial Fan Allows for More Slender Blade Design

  • Date:21-08-2017
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    In appearance, the axial fan is similar to the propelle […]

    In appearance, the axial fan is similar to the propeller. They are the most common type of fan fans. They are cheaper to produce and are usually quieter than other types of fans. The axial fan is compact, allowing for a more slender fan design. The axial fan is essentially a compressor that enhances the flow through air pressure. The range of axial fans is very wide and may vary from low or medium pressure fans to high pressure fans. These fans are used for cooling, working by gardening centers, agriculture and comfortable air works. In an axial flow fan, the blades force the air on a path parallel to the axis. It is the direction of the actual rotation of the blade.

    The design of these fans is based on the type of propeller caused by the air pressure difference in the fan. The blades of these fans are mainly made of aluminum or wood, which are usually used for hovercraft, cooling towers, aircraft, hydrofoils, ships, wind tunnels and helicopters. The fan design is unique and efficient for specific working conditions. It is easy to maintain and handle, and the structure of these fans is rugged.

    Compared with the pipeline fan, the number of axial fans is much less, only two to six. More blades may limit the high flow required for these fan functions. The blades of these fans are very long and have a variety of leaf portions along their radius. These axial fans are extremely energy efficient devices that can generate more air with less power and provide lower operating costs for all users. Compared with other GRP fans, these axial-flow impingement fans provide 10-40% energy saving. In the new equipment, these fans in the equipment and operating costs are cost savings.

    These fans are also easy to handle because they are light in weight and also provide easy maintenance. The reduced inertia available in the fan design also provides extended service life for gearboxes for motors, bearings and fans. The blade of the fan has reliability and elasticity as well as high fatigue strength. These surprisingly high quality axial fan blades perform very well in extremely high conditions such as high wind loads and whirlwinds. With the unique airfoil design, the fan's operating noise is also reduced.


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