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Axial Fan Exchanges Air Through The Equipment

  • Date:26-12-2017
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    Axial fans have proved their reputation as a space-savi […]

    Axial fans have proved their reputation as a space-saving miracle by moving air through various devices and systems for hot or cold air exchange. The outstanding features of axial flow fans are their low installation depth, low noise and high efficiency, making them particularly suitable for air flow through heat exchangers. In addition, with high-end technology, axial fans become intelligent energy savers for a wide range of applications.

    An axial fan (which functions like a propeller) moves the air axially parallel to the rotating motor shaft. The external rotor motor is directly integrated into the axial impeller to form a compact axial fan unit. In addition, the use of axial motors allows precise control of airflow - they provide tachometer output, linear or PWM inputs, bus-connectable interfaces, and many other features. They are usually fitted with a short or long bell mouth wall ring.

    Because traditional turbofan wind pressure is not generated in the central part of the fan, but by fan blade rotation appears. So no matter how high the speed, there will be no wind under the axis. But in the fan axis is the core of fever is the main source of fever. This situation caused a natural defect of the traditional axial fan: by the motor barrier, the airflow can not reach the central part of the smooth, resulting in "blind spots." The existence of the blind spot leads to the high temperature of the core part of the radiator, affecting the overall heat dissipation effect. To solve this problem, a centrifugal radial fan was manufactured.

    Axial fan should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid damp motor. Fans in the open storage, there should be defensive measures. In the process of storage and handling should prevent fan bump, so as to avoid damage to the fan. It can be used in ventilation, ventilation or heat dissipation in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine and civil buildings, etc. If the case is removed, it can also be used as a free fan, but also in the longer exhaust pipe Intervals are installed in series to increase the pressure in the pipe.


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