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Axial Fan has Plenty of Advantages and Can be Widely Used

  • Date:08-07-2017
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    An axial fan is a compressor that increases the pressur […]

    An axial fan is a compressor that increases the pressure of the air flowing through it. The blades of the axial fan force the air to move parallel to the axis of the blade rotation. In other words, the flow is linearly discharged in the axial direction, hence their name. The axial fan design priority revolves around the design of the propeller, creating a pressure difference that keeps the suction past the fan. The main components that need to be studied in propeller design include the number of blades and the design of each blade.

    Axial fan type:

    The types of axial fans are as follows:

    1) ceiling fans, desktop fans, compact fans, computer cooling fans, and motor vehicle cooling fans can all be axial fans, depending on the manufacturer.

    2) fans in automobiles and other vehicles usually prevent overheating of the car by heating the waste air from the engine's combustion process.

    3) also applies to computers, fans installed in the product's design to prevent overheating.

    Axial fan Advantages:

    The optimal aerodynamic design of the 1. fan impeller provides greater efficiency.

    2. reduce the overall weight of the fan and extend the service life of the mechanical transmission system.

    3. requires lower drive motor rating and light bearing system.

    low power consumption

    5. airframe strength increased, fan life longer

    6. compared with conventional fans, the flow noise and mechanical noise level is lower.

    Application of Industrial axial fans:

    1. Paint shop exhaust.

    2. The ventilator is exhausting and discharges dangerous smoke from the operator.

    3. Welding platform and other welding gas

    4. Process, cooling and exhaust of mechanical systems.

    5. Generator, transformer or other heating equipment on-site cooling.

    6. People cool in hot work areas.

    7. Exhaust kilns, forging and steel mills for heat and cooling.

    8. "Lift airflow through long pipes."


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