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Axial Fan is Widely Used in Small Air Conditioners

  • Date:14-10-2017
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    A fan is a mechanical device that produces air or gas f […]

    A fan is a mechanical device that produces air or gas flow. These are used to move air and gas through the ventilation system. To meet a variety of industrial needs, the fan through the steam boiler to force the air, reducing the electronic and mechanical operating temperature. Unlike a compressor, the fan function is relatively low. These are mainly classified as centrifugal or axial. Centrifugal fans are ceiling fans that are mainly used for ventilation in traditional fans. The air moves perpendicular to the fan shaft. There are three general types of centrifugal blades, namely: radial, forward bending and backward bending. These are more stressful for a given air volume and are used for blowers, inflatable articles and other similar industrial purposes.

    On the other hand, axial fans are widely used in small air-conditioning fans, fans, fans used in fans, and other applications. However, you may be familiar with these, as they are usually used for regular desktop fans. These types of blades force the air to move parallel to its axis of rotation. The blades of the fan may be flat or curved plates or form a cross-section similar to that provided to the wing of the aircraft wing. There are three types, namely propeller, tube and blade. The propeller is used to push the air volume under low or no static pressure. At the same time, the bathtub is the propeller being wrapped in the pipe part of those. On the other hand, the blade turns round, twisting the air into a longitudinal, linear motion. The blades are considered to be the most efficient fan of the HVAC system.

    The axial fan consists of blades, motors, gearboxes, armatures, protective covers and wires that connect to the power supply. Not all of these projects are powered by electricity, but most of our contacts are. The motor always has a housing that protects it from debris and should have a cage that prevents foreign matter from contacting the blade and interrupting them. These parts of the equipment are for safety reasons.


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