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Centrifugal Fan Is A Device That Moves Gas

  • Date:21-12-2017
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    Centrifugal fans are mechanical devices used to move ai […]

    Centrifugal fans are mechanical devices used to move air or other gases. This fan increases the speed of the rotating impeller. They use the kinetic energy of the impeller to increase the pressure of the air or gas flow so that they resist the resistance caused by the pipes, dampers and other components. Centrifugal fans radially accelerate air by changing the direction of the air flow. They are solid, reliable and can operate under a wide range of conditions. The fan is a constant CFM device, meaning that at a constant fan speed, the centrifugal fan will pump a constant volume of air instead of the mass.

    Centrifugal fans were invented by Russian military engineer Alexander Sablukov in 1832 and are used both in the Russian light industry and abroad. These fans are the most common type of fan in HVAC industry. They are cheaper than axial fans and simpler in construction steps. Gases or materials used to transport buildings and ventilation systems are also commonly used in central heating and cooling systems. They are ideal for industrial process and air pollution control systems.

    It has a fan impeller consisting of multiple fan blades mounted around the hub. The hub opens a drive shaft through the fan housing. Gas from the fan impeller side into the rotation of 90 degrees, due to centrifugal acceleration. Centrifugal fan centrifugal force. This power is generated by the rotation of the impeller to increase the pressure of the air. When the impeller rotates, the gas near the impeller falls off the impeller. This is due to centrifugal force and then into the fan case. As a result, the pressure in the housing increases. It is now directed to the exit through the exit pipe. After the gas is exhausted, the pressure in the middle part of the impeller drops. The gas from the impeller flushes, normalizing the pressure value. The cycle is repeated so gas can be delivered continuously.

    The characteristic that separates the centrifugal fan from the blower is the pressure ratio it can achieve. A blower generally produces a high pressure ratio. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) proposes that the specific ratio "ratio of discharge pressure to suction pressure" is used to define the fan and blower.


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