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Centrifugal Fan is Installed According to The Standard

  • Date:18-08-2017
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    The centrifugal fan is used to transport the gas machin […]

    The centrifugal fan is used to transport the gas machinery, from the energy point of view, it is the original winter mechanical energy into a gas energy of a machine. The fan is a habit of gas compression and gas transport machinery. In simple terms, the fan is dependent on the input of mechanical energy, to improve the gas pressure and send gas to the machinery. The gas as an incompressible fluid treatment, the use of high and low pressure to control the gas flow.

    Fan in the work, the air flow from the fan into the blade space axially, and then the impeller drive the next side of the impeller rotation, on the other hand in the inertia of the role of energy, along the radial direction away from the impeller, the resulting centrifugal force to do work The fan becomes a centrifugal fan. When the motor rotates, the impeller of the fan rotates. Impeller in the rotation of the centrifugal force generated by the air from the impeller, the air thrown from the impeller after the collection in the chassis, due to slow, high pressure, the air will be discharged from the ventilator outlet into the pipeline. When the air in the impeller is removed, it forms a negative pressure, and the air outside the suction port is pushed into the impeller under atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the impeller is constantly rotating, the air is also in the role of the fan, the pipeline in the continuous flow.

    Centrifugal fans should be installed in accordance with the total size of the installation, in order to ensure the performance of the fan, in particular, should ensure that the fan inlet and impeller clearance meet the requirements. For some of the gas temperature is higher and the machine number larger fan, in order to ensure the classification of high temperature conditions in the operation, the chassis after the thermal expansion of the inlet and the impeller does not occur friction, inlet and impeller inlet gap is not completely uniform, On the big and small, about uniform.

    Install the adjustment door should pay attention to adjust the direction of rotation of the door blade is correct, should ensure that the direction of intake and impeller rotation direction has been. Adjust the handle position of the door, from the direction of the inlet to see the right side, for the smooth rotation of the fan, the handle from the bottom up is pushed to full open direction. For the reverse rotation of the fan, the handle from top to bottom is fully closed to full open direction.


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