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Centrifugal Fan Is Used In Pollution Control Systems

  • Date:16-11-2017
  • Abstract:

    Centrifugal fans are mechanical devices that move air o […]

    Centrifugal fans are mechanical devices that move air or gas. Fan wheels mounted on the hub in the housing facilitate this movement. The fan wheel is rotated by the external force of the motor or internal combustion engine. The fan consists of blades or ribs arranged around the hollow hub. The air or gas to be moved enters the housing through the sides of the fan impeller, enters the hollow hub, and then rotates ninety degrees to flow through the fan blades. The rotating fan then gets its name by accelerating the air by applying centrifugal force. The accelerated air or gas then exits the housing.

    There are two main types of centrifugal fans: in-line or wall-mounted fans. Wall-mounted centrifugal fans look like a standard axial fan. Because the front cover is obscured by the front grille and the housing, it is hard to tell the difference between them, but the price is usually eliminated: Centrifugal wall fans are usually more expensive than axial fans.

    Centrifugal fans are capable of moving air by increasing pressure, making them ideal for use in pollution control systems, central cooling or heating systems, and leaf blowers in inflatable structures. In addition, the fan can be mounted on the heat sink, plus the metal fins, you can achieve small-scale high cooling capacity. There are various types of centrifugal fans, which are classified according to the direction of the fan blades and the drive mechanism of the blades.

    Centrifugal fan is characterized by high pressure, high speed, small air flow. These features make it suitable for pneumatic conveying systems and vacuum cleaners. This type of blade is less sensitive to solids and is commonly used in applications involving particulate air streams. Although radial tip blades achieve up to 83% efficiency by reducing gas turbulence, open radial blades with overload power characteristics allow wear plates to be included for larger abrasive applications.


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