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Centrifugal Fan Maintenance to Achieve Airflow Design

  • Date:19-07-2017
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    In order to avoid problems associated with airflow, the […]

    In order to avoid problems associated with airflow, the industry must ensure that the centrifugal fan manufacturer system is working properly. By checking the fan mechanical conditions and regularly check the system components and other maintenance procedures, can solve the problem of system airflow.

    Clean the airflow surface

    The fan system can not be designed to produce contaminants on the surface of blades and other fans. Especially when the fan is used to remove air pollutants, it may cause the accumulation of particulate matter, thus interfering with airflow. Regular inspection and cleaning of the fan system to avoid problems associated with fan performance.

    Check the wheel rotation direction

    Centrifugal fan is a two-way fan, straight blade in the direction or one-way rotation, the blade fixed in the same direction on the rotation of the shaft. However, when the centrifugal fan rotates in the wrong direction, contrary to the normal rotational design, it is affected by airflow and system performance.

    The intake cone is not suitable

    It is necessary to adjust the position of the wheel to provide the appropriate intake cone overlap. The purpose of the inlet cone is to deliver air to the fan impeller. Any displacement in the fan assembly, leaving the cone away from the wheel may cause loss of airflow.

    Check the clogged filter or coil.

    When the indoor moisture or water intrudes into the filter, the deposits will clog. Dust and debris on the filter and the hard stack on the coil can be used as an obstacle to airflow. If moisture or dirt is found to accumulate, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

    Check that the damper is properly installed

    In the industrial process, the damper acts as a control device for controlling airflow. When the damper and the blades are used at the entrance, they must be installed in the same direction as the fan rotation direction. Also, check that the damper is fully open, otherwise it will interfere with the air entering the fan system.


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