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Centrifugal Fan Must Have a Suitable Size

  • Date:06-09-2017
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    Centrifugal fans are mechanical equipment for moving ai […]

    Centrifugal fans are mechanical equipment for moving air or other gases. The terms "blower" and "squirrel-cage fan" are commonly used as synonyms. These fans increase the airflow speed of the rotating impeller. They use the kinetic energy of the impeller to increase the pressure of air or airflow, and the air or air flow is resistant to resistance caused by pipes, dampers and other components. The centrifugal fan accelerates the air radially by changing the direction of the airflow. They are rugged, reliable, and capable of running under a wide range of conditions. The fan is a constant CFM device, meaning that at constant fan speeds, the centrifugal fan will pump a constant volume of air instead of the mass.

    Centrifugal fans were invented by Russian military engineer Alexander Sabrukov in 1832 and found to have both light industry in Russia and abroad. These fans are the most commonly used fan type in the HVAC industry. They are cheaper than axial fans and the construction steps are simpler. Used to transport gas or materials as well as building ventilation systems, which are also commonly used in central heating and cooling systems. They are ideal for industrial processes and air pollution control systems. It has a fan wheel consisting of multiple fan blades, mounted around the hub. The hub opens through the fan housing drive shaft. The gas enters from the side of the fan impeller, rotates 90 degrees, and accelerates due to centrifugal force.

    The blades of the centrifugal fan are completely enclosed in an airtight enclosure. This house can prevent any dust or smoke from leaking into the building. The motor that drives the fan can be safely located outside the housing, is dust free and has no flammable steam. If you see inside the shell, you will see moving parts called the impeller similar to the squirrel cage.

    In order for the centrifugal fan to function effectively, the centrifugal fan must be of a suitable size to provide sufficient suction to absorb the contaminated air at the hood source and then overcome the piping system, filters, and other air purifiers. Because of such air resistance factors that impede the ability of the fan to move the air through the system, the fan must have sufficient strength to compensate for these factors.


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