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Centrifugal Fan Vibration Causes

  • Date:14-07-2017
  • Abstract:

    Centrifugal fan vibration, not only affect the overall […]

    Centrifugal fan vibration, not only affect the overall production, but also on the fan itself has a serious damage, not promptly ruled out, then faced with damage to the foundation and fan production accidents, maintenance personnel in their daily work should be found in such a problem, causing centrifugation. The reason for the violent vibration of the blower is nothing more than the following:

    1, fan shaft and motor shaft are not heart

    2, the foundation or the overall stent stiffness is not enough

    3, impeller bolt or rivet loose and impeller deformation

    4, impeller shaft hole with the shaft with loose

    5, the chassis, bearing seat and bracket, bearing seat and bearing cover and other connecting bolts loose

    6, the blade has fouling, dirt, blade wear, impeller deformation shaft bending to make the rotor imbalance

    7, fan into the export pipeline installation is bad, resulting in resonance

    8, bearing temperature rise is too high

    9, bearing box vibration violent

    10, grease or oil quality is bad, deterioration and contain dust, sand, dirt and other impurities or fill the amount of improper

    11, shaft and roller bearings installed skew, before and after the two bearings different heart

    12, rolling bearing outer ring rotation. (And bearing box friction)

    13, rolling bearing inner ring relative to the spindle rotation (that is, running the inner ring and spindle friction)

    14, rolling bearing damage or shaft bending

    15, too little cooling water or interruption (for water-cooled bearing fan)

    16, the chassis or the inlet and the impeller friction 17, the motor current is too large or too high temperature rise

    18, start, adjust the door or outlet pipe gate is not closed

    19, the motor input voltage is low or power supply single-phase power failure

    20, the fan conveyor medium temperature is too low (that is, the gas density is too large), resulting in motor overload

    21, the system performance and fan performance does not match. System resistance is small, while the wealth of large, resulting in the fan running in low pressure and high flow area


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