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Centrifugal Fans are Effective Air Exclusion Devices

  • Date:10-04-2017
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    The core of the exhaust ventilation system is its fan. […]

    The core of the exhaust ventilation system is its fan. Like the heart, it is an efficient model. It first creates a vacuum in the hood, which is strategically located at the source of contamination, inhales contaminated air and is guided through the piping system. Sometimes the fan directs air to a filter or other air purifying device, but in the end, the dirty air is vented through the exhaust air that is guided outdoors.

    The fan has two main types, axial and centrifugal. You may be most familiar with the axial type because they are the type commonly used in your home desktop, box and oscillating fans. These blades look like propellers on the plane and work by direct suction of the fan. Due to its useful in a personal environment, an axial fan is usually not used in a local exhaust ventilation system because the motor that drives the blades is in the path of the airflow. If the air flowing through the motor contains dust and flammable steam, this setting may cause problems. Dust can cause the motor to become dirty and overheated. If the motor wiring fails and generates an arc, flammable steam will ignite.

    The centrifugal fan causes air by the centrifugal force generated by the rotating air column. This creates potential energy by imparting the rotational speed of the air when leaving the tip of the blade. Centrifugal fans are the main force of the exhaust industry. Like an axial fan, there are different types of centrifugal wheels.

    In order to work effectively, the centrifugal fan must be of a suitable size to provide sufficient suction to absorb the contaminated air at the hood source and then overcome the piping system, the filter, and other air purifiers. Because these air resistance factors prevent the fan from moving the air, the fan must have sufficient strength to compensate for these factors. In order to adjust the correct workload of the centrifugal fan, the engineer must calculate the expected airflow resistance, strictly using the manufacturer set the data, the size of the fan will not be too small to move the air.


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