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Choose Which? Axial Fan or Centrifugal Fan

  • Date:07-06-2017
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    An axial fan is a fan in which the extracted air is for […]

    An axial fan is a fan in which the extracted air is forced to move parallel to the axis of the blade. Most domestic wall mounted fans use axial blade and is perfect for bathrooms, bathrooms and smaller rooms in which air travels directly duct through walls.

    The axial fan is not suitable for long pipe operation. Any object over 5 meters will seriously damage the ability of the air to extract air from the pipe. When installing the axial type, avoid bending the pipe if possible, as this will increase the pressure in the pipe. In this case, centrifugal fans should be used.

    The centrifugal fan draws air at a right angle to the intake of fan and rotates the air outward through the deflection and centrifugal force to the outlet. The blades rotates and causes air to enter the fan near the shaft and moves vertically from the shaft to the opening in the fan housing.

    A centrifugal fan produces more pressure on a given air volume and is used in installations. In fact, this efficiency allows some centrifugal fans, such as Vent Axia Solo to be used in duct run up to 50m!

    There are two main types of centrifugal fans: wall mounted fan and inline duct fan.

    Often see a wall mounted centrifugal fan in a room without an exterior wall. Such rooms have no windows or natural ventilation, and these usually require long pipes to reach the outside of the building. Axial fans are not designed for this operation at all.

    A inline extractor fan is famous for the suit for the length of duct. As a result, they look completely different from Wall fans, but most importantly, they will not be installed in the room where they are extracting air. The pipe will run from one end of the fan to the ceiling grille of the extraction area, from the exhaust end of the fan to the exterior grille. Inline extractor fans are ideal for bathrooms or kitchens which requires extra extraction power.


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