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DC and AC Blower: Basic Operation Difference

  • Date:26-06-2017
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    DC and AC fans are basically used for cooling purposes […]

    DC and AC fans are basically used for cooling purposes in various fields. The DC requires direct current, and the AC needs alternating current to run. The use of different currents seems to be a negligible difference between the two variants, but has a great impact on overall operation and cooling effectiveness. The working voltage of the AC axial fan is higher than that of the DC fan. Therefore, AC fans can produce high-pressure airflow, mainly due to electromagnetic interference generated by the fan and can not malfunction system. The most common type of AC fan can operate at voltages above 115V. In contrast, compared to the AC, the DC fan operates at a fairly low voltage and has a version that operates normally at voltages above 24V or 48V, even for larger sizes.

    Application area

    Almost every type of computer device relies on DC cooling fans, including large servers for commercial space and home computers. The main advantage of the DC cooling fan is that it has less electromagnetic interference, which may disrupt the operation of the computer and server devices. They can effectively maintain the cooling system without disturbing the operation due to electromagnetic interference. Instead, the opportunity to communicate winds generates considerable electromagnetic interference, which interferes with the operation of sensitive devices and machines. The fans are to be installed in industrial machines and used in applications requiring high pressure air flow.

    AC fan or DC fan?

    Before purchasing a DC or AC cooling fan for a temperature control system or computer, you should study the cooling requirements of the machine. The difference in airflow between the AC and DC cooling fans and the voltage difference have a significant impact on the operation. So before you purchase any variant, you must evaluate the cooling and running requirements. You can easily find information about the type of cooling fan that is suitable for your machine or system. However, it is recommended that you consult an expert before you purchase to make sure that the product you purchase meets the specific application requirements.


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