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DC Blower Is Demanding On The Surrounding Environment

  • Date:24-10-2017
  • Abstract:

    DC blower coil can do brush DC motor or brushless DC mo […]

    DC blower coil can do brush DC motor or brushless DC motor, adjustable speed range of 0 to 4000 r / min, the use of the assembly fan than the ordinary AC motor speed, torque, under the same power, DC The fan is higher than the AC fan parameters 10% -20%

    DC motor is called ECM or electronic commutation motor. It has a built-in transformer that converts to DC, using less energy, can change its speed without being efficient. The motor is also manufactured with a better ball bearing, which is 24 x 7 during the service life of the device. The ECM motor is set to run at a minimum and quietest speed and then heated or heated when AC is turned on. Between 6 am and 10 pm, an old AC fan of 15 minutes per hour is able to consume 24 x 7 fans at the same time (and perhaps even less).

    Due to the high performance of the permanent magnet material, the torque constant, the torque inertia ratio, the power density and so on of the motor are greatly improved. Through reasonable design and can make the inertia, electrical and mechanical time constant and other indicators greatly reduced, as the servo control performance of the main indicators have been greatly improved. Modern permanent magnet magnetic circuit design has been more perfect, coupled with the permanent magnet material coercivity is high, so the permanent magnet motor anti-armature reaction and its ability to greatly enhance the anti-demagnetization, motor control parameters with external disturbance greatly Reduced. As the permanent magnet to replace the electric excitation, reducing the excitation winding and excitation magnetic field design, thus reducing the excitation flux, excitation winding inductance, excitation current and many other parameters, which directly reduces the controllable variables or parameters. The above factors can be said that the permanent magnet motor has excellent controllability.

    DC blower should be set to avoid dust, corrosive gases, large humidity, direct sunlight and wind and rain environment, the fan around the ground should be kept clean. Fan supporting motor on the surrounding environment requires a higher, often should be the reason for the reduction of its performance, it should pay special attention.


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