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DC Blowers Require Rectangular Wave Current

  • Date:30-08-2017
  • Abstract:

    DC blower is through the direct current, into mechanica […]

    DC blower is through the direct current, into mechanical energy, driven by the wind wheel rotation, air inlet and outlet in the vertical wind direction, continuous compressed air, to produce large air volume, hair dryer. DC fan through the input DC power, so that the DC motor to drive the fan wheel rotation, in order to achieve the DC power to the mechanical energy conversion process of the fan called the DC fan. DC fan is the biggest feature is equipped with a DC motor.

    Because the use of permanent magnet excitation, eliminating the induction motor excitation current loss; the same time permanent magnet brushless DC motor work in synchronous operation mode, eliminating the induction motor rotor core frequency loss. These two aspects of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor operating efficiency is much higher than the induction motor, small-capacity motor efficiency is more obvious.

    As the brushless DC blower excitation magnetic field does not require the reactive current of the grid, so the power factor is much higher than the induction motor, brushless DC motor can run on a power factor, which is very favorable for low-power motor. Brushless motors have a higher efficiency and power factor than rated motors, and are more advantageous at light loads. Compared with the induction motor speed control, brushless DC motor speed control is not only simple, but also has better speed performance.

    Brushless DC blowers require rectangular wave current, and the current rating at which the inverter continues to operate is the peak of this rectangular wave. Induction motors require sine wave current, the current rating of the inverter running continuously refers to the effective value of this sine wave. In order to maintain the inverter on the motor current control capability, inverter DC voltage and motor induced electromotive force should have enough difference between. So brushless DC motor trapezoidal wave induced electromotive force and induction motor sine wave induced electromotive force can reach the peak voltage are limited by the inverter DC voltage.


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