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EC Fan Can Be Supplied in a Variety of Configurations

  • Date:14-08-2017
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    The EC fan can be used to optimize the cooling system t […]

    The EC fan can be used to optimize the cooling system to achieve the ultimate energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. AC fans (up to 12KW) can usually be upgraded, and in most cases, EC fans and drives can be interchanged directly with AC predecessor. Can accommodate any combination of voltage, ie DC or AC single or three phases, because the electronics are fully integrated into the motor. EC fans can be supplied in a variety of configurations, including rearward bending centrifugal fans (mainly in AHU and IT cooling units) and axial fans (usually installed on coolers and condensers).

    EC fans provide enhanced control and are the most effective solution to reduce the energy consumption of the cooling system, essentially providing the same output to reduce input - only 10% of air flow to reduce energy savings by up to 33%. They are fully compatible with most systems and units, meaning that direct, cost-effective upgrades can be made with minimal disruption.

    The EC fan is a direct drive fan that is integrated into the cooling unit by replacing the centrifugal fan and motor assembly. They are more efficient than traditional centrifugal fans because they are uniquely designed to use brushless EC motors in rearwardly curved electric impellers. The EC fan achieves speed control by changing the DC voltage delivered to the fan. Independent Test EC Fan Energy Compared to VSD, it was found that EC fans installed in the cooling unit saved 18%.

    EC fans usually also require less energy. This allows them to save energy when the cooling unit is fully loaded. The EC fan also distributes the air more evenly beneath the floor, resulting in a more balanced air distribution. Another advantage of driving the EC fan directly eliminates the belt loss caused by the centrifugal blower. Ultimately, EC fans are more effective for fan technology.


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