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EC Fan Can Improve Overall Efficiency

  • Date:13-12-2017
  • Abstract:

    Using an EC fan instead of an AC fan optimizes the cool […]

    Using an EC fan instead of an AC fan optimizes the cooling system for optimal energy efficiency, potentially reducing energy consumption by 70%. AC fans (up to 12KW) are usually upgradable and in most cases, EC fans and drives are directly interchangeable with AC fans. Any voltage combination can be adapted, ie single-phase or three-phase DC or AC, since the electronics are completely integrated in the motor. EC fans are available in different configurations, including back-bent centrifugal fans (mainly in AHUs and IT cooling units) and axial fans (usually mounted on coolers and condensers).

    EC fans provide enhanced control and are the most effective solution to reducing energy consumption in the cooling system, essentially providing the same output to reduce input - only 10% less air flow savings can save up to 33% in energy consumption. They are fully compatible with most systems and units, which means simple, direct, cost-effective upgrades can be made with minimal disruption.

    The EC fan doubles the speed of the motor and increases the power input by a factor of eight, so the fan runs much faster than needed. If you can tailor the fan speed to your needs, the potential for energy savings is enormous. EC speed regulation is more efficient than on / off operation.

    EC fans can also improve the overall efficiency of the application. For example, in a refrigeration system, by keeping the pressure of the refrigerant constant, instead of moving it up and down by turning the fan on and off, the load on the compressor can be reduced, further saving energy. If the outputs of the two motors are the same but the input power is greater, you can be sure that the excess energy is dissipating as heat. If an application is designed to eliminate heat, it will have to do extra work to eliminate the heat generated by the fan motor itself, so the EC fan will increase the overall system efficiency.


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