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Factors that Affect the Use of AC Blower Fans

  • Date:24-05-2017
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    AC blower fan, mainly used for electronic products, hea […]

    AC blower fan, mainly used for electronic products, heat, general small AC fan. Widely used in household appliances industry, machinery industry, manufacturing equipment industry and other products with ventilation and cooling requirements. The motor structure of this type of fan is a cover motor, the rotor and the impeller are fixed. Guide duct and positioning frame and stator as a whole. This structure is simple, easy to produce, installation is also very convenient.

    The wind speed of the AC blower fan is determined by a number of factors. The two most important reasons are the two bearings of the AC blower fan. Ball bearings: air gas ions in the long-term oxidation of the bearing, dirt dust accumulation, will lead to increased wear resistance of the bearing, resulting in the fan speed gradually decreased. Oil-bearing AC fan, mainly by the stator and the friction between the coil rotation, and the oil within the bearing, with the use of the fan, non-stop work and time consumption, gradually reduced, resulting in the use of fans to work, the wind speed getting slower and slower.

    Fan life according to different use of the environment will be different. The general exchange of ball fans life of 50,000 hours or so, different manufacturers of products will be differentiated. The general exchange of oil-bearing fan life of 25,000 hours, due to its repeated rotation of the bearing, wear will shorten the life, high-quality manufacturers will reach 30,000 to 35,000 hours of life.

    The equipment needs to be clean at least once a month. The air inlet net should be kept clean to prevent obstruction airflow, which can be cleaned with a soft brush or compressed air. Open the housing of the device, then turn on the fan, turn off the power to the device, and blow the fan with the air gun from the fan 2CM. And then use the industrial alcohol wipe the fan leaves above the dirt, and then tilt the fuselage to adjust the gap position, tune and then blow out the dust inside the equipment. From the front of the device to the equipment behind, need to clean, and then turn repeatedly until clean.


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