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Features of industrial ceiling fans

  • Date:27-09-2020
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    1. Promote a huge amount of air flow to achieve a large […]

    1. Promote a huge amount of air flow to achieve a large coverage area
    The unique airfoil design of the industrial ceiling fan minimizesChina Dual Inlet Centrifugal Fan Suppliers air resistance during operation and converts electrical energy into air kinetic energy with high efficiency. Through the powerful air agitation ability, a large amount of air is pushed to the ground vertically, forming an airflow layer of 1-3m on the ground, thus forming a large coverage area that is not limited to the fan. In the open space, a large industrial ceiling fan can effectively cover The maximum area can reach 2000 square meters.



    2. Natural three-dimensional air supply to improve human comfort
    The circulator flow field formed by the large industrial ceiling fan resembles the natural breeze system. The human body will feel the three-dimensional wind from all directions, increasing the sweat evaporation area and improving comfort. At the same time, avoid using traditional high-speed fans to cause various health problems to the human body under directional wind all year round. Industrial ceiling fans can adjust the air volume according to the actual needs of different occasions, and the wind speed can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1M-5M/s.
    3. Long service life, derived from quality
    Strict quality assurance management coupled with international quality product parts and raw materials ensure the service life of the product. WiMaCO series products have a service life of 15 years and a 5-year warranty for the whole machine.
    4. The motor's full load power is 1.5KW, and the energy saving effect is significant


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