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How is Centrifugal Fan Used in Cooling And Drying

  • Date:26-07-2017
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    Various types of centrifugal fans are used in industria […]

    Various types of centrifugal fans are used in industrial cooling applications where cold air is blown to cool industrial raw materials. For example, cooling fans are used to cool air in the cement industry and reduce clinker temperatures from high to low temperatures (typically from 1500 to 100 ° C). Similarly, heavy-duty centrifugal fans in the glass industry has a wide range of applications, can cool the furnace wall and reduce the temperature of glass materials. When the liquid glass is dispensed from the oven to a different mold, such as in the bottle production, the high pressure fan is installed to cool the mold. Similarly, in the case of flat glass (for windows), often use medium-pressure large-capacity centrifugal fan to cool.

    Industrial processes are used to force or induce centrifugal fans, such as airfoils, rear bends, backward tilting or radial fans, to circulate the air and humidity required to control the material. When moisture is removed from the material, hot air is forced through the fan system. In the cement industry, the use of centrifugal fans in the kiln system dry clinker. Likewise, in the food processing industry, centrifugal drying fans are usually required to dry and drain moisture from the foodstuffs before packaging. These fans are widely used in the wood and paper industry for drying the materials in their manufacturing units.

    Boilers and burners are used in a variety of industries to produce heat and energy. This process requires a stable and consistent airflow to maintain proper fuel combustion. The fans in the industrial boilers allow fresh air to flow into the system to maintain sufficient oxygen levels to achieve proper fuel combustion. Especially in the glass and steel industry, high pressure centrifugal fans are often used as air recirculation fans to maintain uniform temperatures in the oven. In power plant boilers, forced ventilation and wind centrifugal fans play an important role in providing the air required for fuel combustion and maintaining the furnace temperature.


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