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Methods For Reducing The Noise Of The EC Fan

  • Date:17-10-2017
  • Abstract:

    With the changing work conditions and ambient temperatu […]

    With the changing work conditions and ambient temperature, many of the equipment should be in the high temperature, heavy dust, air humid and other harsh environments to run, for many industries need to apply to the EC fan to reduce the working environment of the device temperature, to extend its Service life. Many people in the use of cooling fans will find the cooling fan will always send annoying noise, then how should we reduce the EC fan fan noise?

    For the power supply, the need for shock location is not just the EC fan fan and power connection between the connection, as well as power and chassis to connect between, in addition to the fixed and solid, but also in the contact position to increase the thin cloth, Such as buffer, so that you can buy a special power shock products. After the completion of the label stick back to avoid dust into, and then restore the cooling fan and power can be. Do not use the oil when the fan is filled with oil. The inferior oil will not only help to lubricate, but will make the bearing wear. Therefore, it is better for us to choose a special product that may be able to use high quality sewing machine oil instead.

    Another way is to remove the power from the chassis, open the power of the shell, the fan removed, find the EC fan blades on the dust collection location, with a soft brush to clean it. After the clean-up work is completed, the EC fan in the middle of the middle will usually appear label, the label can be opened to see the fan bearings, with a toothpick dipped in the oil point on the bearing, pay attention to the amount of oil should be appropriate.

    Users can also consider changing mute power supplies or fans, the current market has a lot of quiet power, these power is usually rigorously tested, can effectively reduce the power supply noise. In addition to be able to better improve the EC fan, change the power supply fan process is also very simple, the key is to pay attention to the fan and power to connect part.


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