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The Air Volume Measures The Effect of The EC Axial Fan

  • Date:09-11-2017
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    A good EC axial fan, the air volume is the most importa […]

    A good EC axial fan, the air volume is the most important measure of the cooling capacity of its indicators, the cooling effect of the fan is mainly depends on the quality of the air flow.

    Air volume usually refers to the total volume of air exhausted or inhaled by the EC axial fan every minute. If you count cubic meters, the unit is CMM, if calculated in cubic feet, the unit is CFM. Cooling fan commonly used air volume unit is CFM (about 0.028 cubic meters / minute). In the case of the same material, the larger the fan, the cooling effect is better, because the air heat capacity ratio is the same, the greater the air volume, more air per unit time to take away more heat, of course, The same situation, the amount of wind, the fan cooling effect and the wind flow.

    In addition, the issue of wind pressure. Generally, the air volume and the air pressure are relative. The air volume of the fan depends on the air pressure, the air pressure is large and the air volume is small. Because there is not enough cold air to exchange heat with the fan, the cooling effect is not good. Therefore, in our procurement process of the fan, according to their own product needs, matching the appropriate air pressure fan, rather than a single pursuit of large air volume or high pressure fan.

    The EC axial fan products of the same specifications are produced by each manufacturer with different quality and service life, mainly from the structural design, electrical performance design, material selection and process control of each one. The second is the installation of the user Location selection and the use of environmental conditions such as the merits of a comprehensive decision.

    In order to achieve the desired quality and service life requirements, users do not rely on the manufacturer to provide a set of data to ensure the quality and longevity of the fan when it comes to selecting the fan. The user must follow his or her own requirements and the installation of the fan product Mode, the use of the environment, etc. will inform manufacturers, manufacturers make a comprehensive assessment of the specifications of the fan structure of the selection of electrical performance design and selection of materials to achieve this condition, otherwise everything will not be possible.


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