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The Axial Fan is a Mechanical Fan

  • Date:09-08-2017
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    A fan is a mechanical device that produces air or gas f […]

    A fan is a mechanical device that produces air or gas flow. These are used to move air and gas through the ventilation system. Serving in a variety of industrial needs, the fan through the steam boiler to force the air, reducing the electronic and mechanical operating temperature. Unlike a compressor, the fan function is relatively low.

    Axial fans are one of the most commonly used mechanical fans. Axial fans are named because they move the air flow along the axis. They can be very small items, they can be very large items. Their design is simple, but without them, the world will stop quickly. Axial fans are widely used in electronic miniature parts of the small cooling fan, the wind tunnel used in the giant fan and other various applications. However, you may be familiar with these, because they are usually used for regular desktop fans.

    These types of blades force the air to move parallel to its axis of rotation. The blades of the fan may be flat or curved plates, or may be shaped like a cross section of the airfoil that ascends to the airplane wing. There are three types, namely propeller, tube and blade. The propeller is used to push the air volume at low or no static pressure. At the same time, the bathtub is those that the propeller is encapsulated in the pipe section. On the other hand, the blade will be circular, torsional air movement into vertical, linear motion. The blades are considered to be the most efficient fan of the HVAC system.

    Axial fan is not suitable for long piping operation. More than 5 meters of any items will seriously damage the pipeline there is a large air pressure and the ability to extract air. When installing an axial type, if possible, avoid bending the pipe, as this also increases the pressure in the pipe. In this case, a centrifugal fan should be used.


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