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The DC Blower Is Used In The Sewage Treatment

  • Date:30-11-2017
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    At present, fans are used in all walks of life have bee […]

    At present, fans are used in all walks of life have been very much, and some fans to improve ventilation and ventilation to improve air quality, while others are the future to achieve the purpose of cooling, and some as energy output, and now the fan has been added to the sewage treatment in. This article will explain why in the sewage treatment also need to use the DC blower?

    Sewage treatment plants use the DC blower to work, because the sewage treatment is the most important requirement of the aeration effect, if the aeration in the same amount of air, then the smaller the bubble the greater the overall surface area, if the bubble The slower the rate of rise, the longer the contact time of the gas and liquid, the oxygen conversion efficiency is increased several times, we can only maximize the conversion rate of oxygen to maximize the use of sewage, which can greatly reduce fan power consumption, significant savings Power and fan losses. These are the reasons why other fans can not reach the blower requirements.

    DC blower as the most commonly used as a model, we must pay attention to the following elements in the purchase. First of all we have to look from the appearance, even the appearance is not a beautiful product, then it is certainly not a good product, it is used blower mold accuracy is certainly not high, although the exquisite appearance does not mean perfect quality, but the perfect quality The fan must look beautiful.

    Everyone in the choice of fan, may wish to personally touch the fan surface, see if it is handy, the color is uniform, welded joints are flawed, turn the fan in the hand to see if the balance is perfect and so on. Choose what kind of blower, you have to look at what you need, can not figure cheap, can not buy back, loss or yourself, according to their needs, the amount of wind pressure to choose.

    Finally, the friendship tips, no matter what kind of fan, the use of what kind of environment, we are essential for the daily maintenance of the fan, and only to ensure the normal use of the fan can bring the maximum benefit.


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