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The Difference Between Forward Centrifugal fan and Backward Centrifugal Fan

  • Date:21-06-2017
  • Abstract:

    Forward centrifugal fan: Production: use high-quality s […]

    Forward centrifugal fan:

    Production: use high-quality steel plate

    Advantages: low cost, low speed, the choice of smaller shaft and smaller bearings, and has a wide operating range.

    Disadvantages: The shape of the performance curve may be parallel to the pipe network resistance curve, and the system static pressure may cause the motor overload. In addition, the blade structure strength is low, can not run at a higher speed.

    Backward Centrifugal Fan:

    Production: Casting

    Advantages: high efficiency and no power curve overload. Its power curve is usually in the middle of the common range to reach the maximum, so generally not overload. The blades and impellers have high structural strength and can be used in higher hydrostatic systems. Low noise, large air volume, vast efficient area.

    Disadvantages: because the impeller running speed is high, so the need for thicker shaft and larger bearings and the balance of the higher requirements, the other static pressure fluctuations easily lead to changes in working conditions

    Applicable places: air ventilation, fire, dust, smoke

    Through the analysis, I think in the choice of fans, in addition to the size of the fan body, costs, cover area and other initial investment comparison, also need to consider efficiency of the fan, power consumption and other operating costs.

    1, In the general ventilation and air conditioning system, recommend the use of 4-72 centrifugal fan. The fan is a hollow airfoil blade, the highest efficiency ηmax> 91%, the noise is low.

    2, In the boiler blowing system and the water heater, heating furnace blast system, recommend the use of G4-73 and Y4-73 centrifugal fan, the fan for the tilting wing airfoil oblique blade fan, the highest efficiency of the fan ηmax>90.5%.

    3, A higher wind pressure system and wind pressure greater than 800 mm water column required, you can use 8-18 or 9-27 type forward centrifugal fan, although the efficiency of these two fans is low, the backward centrifugal fan can not meet the requirements of high wind pressure. To meet the technical requirements, only to choose the forward blade of the fan.


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