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The EC Fan Is A Direct Drive Fan

  • Date:29-12-2017
  • Abstract:

    Fans that move air and pressurize the floor of the data […]

    Fans that move air and pressurize the floor of the data center are an important part of the cooling system's energy use. After mechanical cooling, the fan is the second largest energy consumer in a computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit. Many data center managers reduce energy use and control costs by investing in variable speed fan technology. This improvement can reduce fan energy consumption up to 76%.

    With different options in the market, it may not be clear which technology is the best. Today, variable speed drives (VSDs) and electrical reversing (EC) fans are the two most effective fan improvement technologies available. The following is an overview of the benefits of both solutions to help data center managers determine which turbine technology is best suited for achieving energy efficiency goals.

    In general, variable speed fan technology saves energy by having the cooling system adjust the fan speed to meet changing needs, which allows them to operate more efficiently. While cooling units are often tailored to peak demand, in most applications, peak demand conditions are rare. VSD and EC fans more efficiently match the airflow output and load requirements, adjusting to the changing needs. This prevents overcooling and produces significant energy savings.

    The EC fan is a direct drive fan that is integrated into the cooling unit by replacing the centrifugal fans and motor components. Because of their unique design, they are inherently more efficient than conventional centrifugal fans, which use brushless EC motors in back-curved electric impellers. EC Fan Speed control is achieved by changing the DC voltage delivered to the fan. EC Fan Energy Consumption VSD independent testing found 18% savings in EC fans installed inside the refrigeration unit. With the new unit, EC fans can be located under the floor for further cost savings.


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