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What are the 5 major sources of centrifugal fan noise?

  • Date:11-10-2021
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    Noise will bring great health risks to the human body. […]

    Noise will bring great health risks to the human body. Continuous noise will pollute Zhou Zhou and make people feel bored. Some will also affect people's health. So where does the noise of our centrifugal fans generally come from? Under normal circumstances, the centrifugal fan noise originates from the following aspects.

    The centrifugal fan resonates with the air duct shell and generates noise. To improve it, the joints between the air duct and the inner surface of the fan housing must be smooth, which can reduce the noise of the centrifugal fan. When designing, sometimes a layer of soundproof material can be placed on the outside of the duct to reduce noise. The fan blades rub against the air when they rotate, and the noise becomes sharper and sharper as the speed of rotation increases. During the operation of the centrifugal fan, a vortex will be generated on the back of the moving wing, and the secondary vortex will not only reduce the efficiency of the centrifugal fan, but also generate noise. When the air is flowing, if it encounters sharp obstacles, turbulence is prone to occur. Although this turbulence is different from vortex, it also generates noise and affects the efficiency of the fan. In addition, insufficient bearing precision and excessive motor noise can also increase the noise of the fan.

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