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What is the Technology Used in EC Fans?

  • Date:09-06-2017
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    EC Technology EC stands for Electronically Commutated, […]

    EC Technology

    EC stands for Electronically Commutated, and a combination of AC and DC voltage. It is a essentially fan with brushless DC motor, coming with the following two technologies: motor operating at DC voltage, but with normal AC power supply. DC motors already have low power consumption, but if they are used in AC applications, a large inefficient transformer is needed to convert AC to direct current. The EC motor carries out voltage conversion within the motor. The non rotating portion of the motor (stator) is extended to make room for an electronic PCB board, including power transformation AC to DC, as well as the controls.

    Maintain all functions of the external rotor motor, including compact assembly, easy to control speed, efficiency, and characteristics.

    Principle of EC motor

    Using the EC motor, the electronic circuit replaces the traditional mechanical commutation, which means the correct direction, correct supply of the correct time, and precise motor control.

    Of permanent magnet brushless DC motor within the rotor

    The stator is driven by an electronic switch (instead of carbon brush) and is controlled by a microcontroller.

    An electronic system (Holzer effect sensor or software is used to identify rotor positions)

    AC operation (230Volts single phase or 380 / 480V 3 phase, 50 / 60Hz)

    The benefits of EC fans

    Energy saving: minimum power consumption, efficiency equivalent to AC.

    Control: 100% speed controlled, independent of frequency. Can be set for constant current or constant voltage application, 0-10VDC or PWM control signal.

    Low temperature of motor: the service life is longer than AC equivalent

    Simple: power and power conversions are fully integrated within the motor.

    High performance: speed can drive up to 3600rpm, a EC fan can replace multiple types of motors (2,4 and 6 poles)

    Easy to connect: frequency controllers do not require sophisticated wiring and settings, and the EC fan configuration is very small.


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