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Working principle and maintenance of the Blower Fan

  • Date:26-05-2017
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    Blower Fan is composed by the wall panels, chassis, gea […]

    Blower Fan is composed by the wall panels, chassis, gear, impeller, transmission group, one-way valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, bracket, import and export muffler, motor and other components.

    The most important thing is the motor. The motor drives the drive shaft through the V-belt, and the main shaft rotates in the opposite direction through the action of the synchronous gears in the gearbox. In the two parallel shafts are equipped with two three-leaf impeller, the wheel and the oval-shaped chassis hole surface and the impeller between the three always maintain a small gap, when the two impellers rotate, is surrounded by the box and the impeller A certain amount of gas from the intake chamber pushed to the exhaust chamber after the discharge of the body, the rotor continuous operation of more gas will be sent to the exhaust port, to the blast effect.

    Blower features: As a result of the use of three-leaf runner and spiral with a box, so the fan noise is very small. Impeller and shaft for the overall structure, and the impeller without wear, fan performance lasting, can be long-term continuous operation. Blower structure is simple, with superior durability, long service life, and maintenance management is also convenient. As the blower with a gear oil rejection device, so there will be no oil spill phenomenon.

    When the blower is turned on, turn the pulley by hand. If there is no abnormality, the fan can be started. Blower outlet valve should be placed in full open state, otherwise the fan overload operation, the fan will be damaged. The blower's outlet valve is required to gradually adjust slowly until the rated load is reached and is not allowed once in place. In the process, pay attention to observe the operation of equipment, check the various parts of the fastening and positioning pin is loose phenomenon, if found abnormal sound or vibration, it should be timely parking to check the cause and to eliminate.


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