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You Need To Test The Axial Fan

  • Date:05-12-2017
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    Axial fan can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry […]

    Axial fan can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine and other places with buildings ventilation or enhance heat dissipation purposes. Concrete can be used in metal processing workshops, mechanical workshops, textile workshops, garment workshops, printing and dyeing, footwear, plastic, injection molding, die-casting, heat treatment, casting, glass products, spraying, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, leather, toys, appliances Manufacturing and other places. Today to share with you is the axial fan to note the debugging point before use:

    Axial flow fan allows full-voltage start-up or step-down start, but should be noted that the full-voltage start-up current of about 5 to 7 times the rated current, step-down start torque is proportional to the square of the current, when the grid capacity is insufficient, should Using step-down start. Axial fan in the test, you should carefully read the product manual, check the wiring is consistent with the wiring diagram; should carefully check the supply voltage of the fan power supply is required, the power phase is missing or in phase, the distribution of components with the capacity of whether Suitable requirements.

    When the axial fan test run, one person to control the power supply, one observed the fan operation, abnormal phenomenon immediately stop inspection; first check the purpose of rotating the target is accurate; fan start running, should immediately check the operating current is balanced, the current is over the rated current If there is no normal phenomenon, should stop checking. After running five minutes, shut down to check whether there is any abnormal fan, to confirm no abnormalities and then start the operation.

    When the axial fan test run, you should start low speed and check whether the purpose of rotating the target is accurate; start high-speed must wait until the fan is stationary and then start to prevent reverse rotation at high speed, trigger switch tripping and mechanical damage. Fan test the best fan inlet or outlet pipe on the valve is closed, the valve will gradually open after operation, to reach the required conditions so far, and pay attention to whether the current fan operation current over rated.


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