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Analysis of Extrusion Problems in Machining of Industrial Fan Blades

  • Date:28-05-2021
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    Industrial fans are mainly composed of motors, roulette […]

    Industrial fans are mainly composed of motors, roulettes, fan blades, etc. The fan blades are made of aluminum alloy. Its good weldability, workability, extrudability and corrosion resistance also ensure that the fan blades are in good condition. No deformation occurs during operation. However, improper operation in the fan blade extrusion process will directly affect the performance of the industrial fan blade. Specifically, fan blades have higher requirements for extrusion accuracy, and need to strengthen the control of the extrusion process. The fan blade extrusion process has already started from the fan blade design. This is because the fan blade design is designed on the basis of the fan blade usage requirements, and the fan blade usage requirements directly determine the various parameters of the fan blade.

    For example, the use requirements of industrial fans determine the surface treatment performance, mechanical processing performance and use environment of the fan blade. In this case, the designer needs to select the appropriate type of extruded aluminum alloy according to the requirements of use. Moreover, the performance of the fan blade extruded from the same type of aluminum alloy depends on the design shape of the fan blade. Therefore, the shape of the fan blade determines the extrusion die of the fan blade and its shape. After the design problems of industrial fan blades are solved, aluminum rods for extrusion can be used for extrusion. The aluminum rod for extrusion must be heated before extrusion. After the aluminum rod for extrusion is softened, it is placed in the ingot barrel, and then a hydraulic cylinder with greater power is used to push the extrusion rod of the extruder. At the same time, an extrusion pad is placed in the front section of the extrusion rod, so that the heated and softened aluminum alloy can be extruded from the molding hole in the extrusion die under the action of the extrusion pad to form the required fan blade shape. This process is a simple description of the direct extrusion process at this stage. The process of indirect extrusion is similar to that of direct extrusion, but there are some differences. In indirect extrusion, the mold is fixed, and the aluminum alloy is pushed by the extrusion rod to form the required aluminum alloy shape through the mold hole. In addition, indirect extrusion installs the die in the hollow position inside the extrusion rod, pushes the die to the fixed position of the aluminum rod, and forces the aluminum alloy to pass through the hole in the die.BC backward centrifugal fans company
    In the aluminum alloy extrusion process, it is necessary to understand the size and specifications of the aluminum alloy product according to the fan blade design drawings or fan blade samples, and determine whether there are any difficulties in the extrusion process, and formulate an extrusion control plan. After both parties confirm the drawings, you can Arrange a suitable extrusion die for extrusion. In addition, the hot extrusion die of aluminum alloy is different from general machining of mechanical parts, and the balance is between pressure machining and machining. Therefore, in the extrusion process, not only the principle of mechanical processing must be followed, but also the process influence factors under the hot extrusion environment must be considered. In addition, after the extrusion die is designed, it is necessary to heat the extrusion die and at the same time heat the aluminum rod to the required problem, and then perform the aluminum alloy extrusion style. After that, the technicians need to carefully inspect the surface size, quality, etc. of the product obtained by the extrusion pattern. If the extrusion sample is unqualified, it is necessary to re-modify the mold plan, declare the modification of the mold to the relevant unit, and re-design the mold after confirmation. Finally, after the extrusion work is completed, the extruded product needs to be polished, oxidized, painted, etc., and the finished product is inspected. Strictly check whether the surface of the fan blade is scratched, whether the size is appropriate, and whether the hardness can meet the requirements.
    Of course, in the process of aluminum alloy machining, extrusion and cutting, in order to ensure the quality of the fan blades, the requirements for fixtures, equipment, tools, etc. used for aluminum alloy extrusion and cutting are relatively high. So you need to choose the appropriate processing aids. In addition, in the process of selecting tool materials, it is necessary to select cutting tools with strong machinability and better mechanical properties according to the hardness of the aluminum alloy. Under normal circumstances, operators will choose hard aluminum alloy during rough machining of aluminum alloy, and diamond cutting tools during precision machining. Finally, the rough machining structure and fine machining structure design of the tool need to reasonably design the size and structure of the tool according to the size requirements of the step.DC 200mm condenser axial fan
    With the continuous advancement of technology, the company will continue to play the leading role in the industry and continue to solve the development problems of the industrial fan industry. And with intelligence and technological innovation as the starting point, the improvement of industrial fan quality as the foundation, and the goal of high-quality service market, we will accelerate the adjustment of product structure, strive to enhance market competitiveness, and achieve the company's high-quality development.


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