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Axial Fan is Suitable for Non-ducted Applications

  • Date:04-09-2017
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    Axial fan can be traced back to the medieval European l […]

    Axial fan can be traced back to the medieval European level of windmills. The first electric fan introduced in the 1980s was an axial fan. The axial fan is named in the direction of the airflow it creates. The blades rotating around the axis draw air parallel to the axis and force the air to flow in the same direction. Axial fans produce high flow rates, meaning they produce large amounts of airflow. However, the airflow they produce is low pressure. They require low power input for operation. Because of their low pressure and high volume airflow, axial fans are best suited for general purpose applications. For example, they move air from one place to another, cooling a confined space such as a computer, and cooling more space, such as a workspace.

    Axial fans are not suitable for long piping operation. Anything more than 5m will seriously damage its ability to extract air due to the large air pressure present in the pipeline. When installing an axial type, if possible, avoid bending the pipe, as this also increases the pressure in the pipe.

    For non-pipelined applications, a good solution would be an axial fan. Axial fans can move large amounts of air at very small working pressures. It should also be appreciated that in non-piped applications, the forward-bending centrifugal fan may not work at all. The forwardly bent centrifugal fan has a so-called raised horsepower curve. In other words, its horsepower increases with the pressure drop. In essence, if there is no resistance in the case of running, front-mounted centrifugal fan motor will be invalid.

    Now, let's consider the pipeline application. The use of pipes will hinder the air flow, which is measured according to the pressure. More piping systems, accessories, dampers, filters, etc., the higher the air resistance, so the higher the pressure. In order to overcome the higher pressure, a fan capable of generating airflow at a higher pressure is required. The ideal choice for this situation is the centrifugal fan.


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