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Axial Fans in Daily Life

  • Date:02-06-2017
  • Abstract:

    One of the most commonly used mechanical fans is axial […]

    One of the most commonly used mechanical fans is axial fan. They can be very big and they can also be very small. Though their design is simple, without them the world would almost come to a frustrating halt.

    You may have these items inside electronic equipment to cool the them down. You may always heard the fan kick in on your computer when you were playing it, or heard the fan inside your Xbox 360 come to life while you were using. Axial fans inside these devices come to life to cool the device down so that it will prevent the equipment damage from overheating.

    Axial fans are also placed inside your automobile. The fans are used to prevent a combustible engine from overheating. When you turn the heater or defroster on, you also have fans that blow the heated air through the vents of your car. The same thing is true in air conditioning system.

    Axial fans may be available in every home, in the form of ceiling fans, box fans, table fans, or heating and cooling units. These items are everywhere, and we use them in many different applications, without them, we will be frustrating to carry on our daily activities.

    When are you using the rest room in a shop and drying your hands with the blower you are using one of these devices. While you are drying your clothing at home, you are also using them. They can be also found in hair dryer and convection ovens.

    The design principle of large wind turbines is the same as those devices, except large wind turbines is wind power rather than motor power. The rotating assembly of a wind turbine and the hub on a wind turbine work exactly the same way as a small fan in the computer; they just have a different power source.


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