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Common Malfunctions and Treatment Methods of Centrifugal Fan

  • Date:14-06-2017
  • Abstract:

    One. Vibration causes of unbalanced rotor of centrifuga […]

    One. Vibration causes of unbalanced rotor of centrifugal fan:

    1. centrifugal fan fan blade corrosion or wear seriously;

    2. fan blade assembly does not run, due to the impeller and spindle itself weight, so that the shaft bending;

    3. uneven surface of the impeller attachment, such as rust, ash or asphalt and so on;

    4. transport, installation or other reasons, resulting in deformation of the impeller, causing the impeller out of balance;

    5. the balance of the impeller fall off, or after the repair did not find a balance.

    Treatment method:

    1. repair or replace;

    2. reassembly after the overhaul;

    3. Remove attachments;

    4. repair impeller, do dynamic and static balance test again;

    5. looking for balance.

    Two. The cause of resonance in the fixing parts of centrifugal fan:

    1.the cement foundation is too light or poor grouting or plane size is too small, cause fan foundation and foundation out of line, the anchor bolt loose, the frame connection is not strong, make its foundation stiffness is not enough;

    2. fan base or volute stiffness is too low;

    3. the inlet and outlet pipes which are connected with the fan are not supported and soft connected;

    4. the neighboring facilities are too close to the fan foundation, or they have just gone through the small.

    Treatment method:

    1. Reinforce the foundation or re grouting the fastening nut;

    2. strengthen its stiffness;

    3. plus support and soft connection;

    4. increase stiffness.

    Three. Centrifugal fan bearing overheating reasons:

    1. centrifugal fan spindle or spindle parts and bearing box friction;

    2. the motor shaft and the fan shaft are not concentric, so that the inner rolling bearing in the bearing box does not move;

    3. bearing box grease too much;

    4. the gap between the bearing and the box bore is loose, and the bolt of the bearing case is too tight or too loose.

    Treatment method:

    1. check which part, and then deal with;

    2. adjust the concentricity of the two shafts;

    3. the grease in the box is 1/3~1/2 of the box space;

    4. Adjust bolts.


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