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How to reduce the power consumption of industrial ceiling fans?

  • Date:15-05-2020
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    The power consumption of industrial ceiling fans is rel […]

    The power consumption of industrial ceiling fans is related to the power of industrial fans themselves. The power of industrial fans varies, so the power consumption varies. It is not difficult to save power for industrial fans.

    First of all, due to the low technical threshold of the fan industry, the products on the market are currently uneven. Therefore, you must choose products of excellent quality when purchasing.


    Secondly, when in use, the fan is best placed next to the door and window to facilitate air circulation, improve the cooling effect, shorten the use time and reduce power consumption.Dual Inlet Centrifugal Fan Suppliers




    Third, as far as the use of the fan itself is concerned, generally the fan with a large fan blade has larger electric power and consumes more electric energy. The power consumption of the electric fan is proportional to the rotation speed of the fan blade. For example, a 400 mm electric fan uses a fast gear When the power consumption is 60W, the slow gear is only 40W. The power consumption of the fastest gear and the slowest gear of the same electric fan differs by 40%. Therefore, usually open the fast gear first, and use the slow gear after cooling down. Reduce power consumption of electric fans. When the air volume meets the requirements for use, try to use medium or slow gear.

    The fourth point is that industrial fans can directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, and the power consumption is very low. The maximum power is only 60W, which is equivalent to the power consumption of ordinary lighting desk lamps. Therefore, from the perspective of energy conservation, the use of fans in the summer season Is the best choice. When industrial fans are used together with air conditioners, the air conditioner temperature is set at 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, which saves electricity and money.

    Finally, pay attention to the maintenance of the industrial fan at ordinary times, maintain its good performance, and avoid the deformation and vibration of the fan blade. This will also help to save electricity to a certain extent.


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