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How to use centrifugal fan lubricant?

  • Date:17-11-2021
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    As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the […]

    As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of centrifugal fans, in addition to providing partners with strong guarantees in terms of product quality and after-sales service, we also have rich experience in centrifugal fan maintenance. The most common one is the centrifugal fan. The use of fan lubricants, today I will share with you how to use centrifugal fan lubricants.

    1. First of all, when selecting a greasy oil, a comprehensive consideration should be given. The mission load is the static load and the dynamic load directly suffered by the bearing (or friction pair).

    2. Under the condition of liquid greasy, the higher the viscosity of greasy oil, the greater its carrying capacity. When the boundary is greasy, the viscosity is not very impressed to improve the greasy infection, and its oiliness and extreme pressure resistance are indispensable, and should be selected at this time Greasy oils with better extreme pressure resistance; for places where attack loads are often difficult to move or oil film formation is difficult, greasy grease or solid grease should be used.

    3. When selecting greasy oil, follow the unevenness of the bearing's mission and ambient temperature to make it reasonable and reliable. If the ambient temperature is low, you should choose a greasy oil with low viscosity and low freezing point; when the ambient temperature is high, you should choose a greasy oil with high viscosity and high flash point.

    4. The centrifugal fan unit adopts continuous, forced smoothness, so it should choose the greasy oil with low relative viscosity, good oxidation stability, anti-rust, anti-foaming and greasy performance.

    5. Corresponding greasy oil with resistance to the medium should also be selected, if any shortened medium has special requirements for greasy oil. In addition, the oil selection should also refer to the greasy oil recommended by the equipment builder. One is to consider the mission and environmental conditions of the equipment to meet the needs of equipment operation; the other is to add as much as possible the types of greasy oils to facilitate the management of lubricants.

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