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DC/DC converter to control the speed of DC fan motor

  • Date:24-06-2021
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    In recent years, "intelligence, miniaturization, and hi […]

    In recent years, "intelligence, miniaturization, and high efficiency can be said to be the three major issues of the electronics industry, and the market demand is getting higher and higher. Moreover, it is said that nearly 50% of the world's power demand is used in drive motors for products Structural design and environmental protection, smarter, smaller, and more efficient motor drives are the current needs.

    In the past, the DC fan motor power supply unit used in refrigerators and the like was mainly composed of parts. However, it is difficult to control high-precision and high-frequency drive, and the peripheral parts require large coils and large output capacitors, so there is a problem of large area.high pressure centrifugal fan suppliers

    ROHM has developed a step-down DC/DC converter-BD9227F, which is most suitable for DC fan motor power supplies such as refrigerators and air-conditioning cycles. BD9227F is a power IC that can linearly control the output voltage and high-precision control of the rotation speed of the DC fan motor by cooperating with the duty of the PWM signal generated by the MCU (microcontroller). Compared with the traditional component construction method, in addition to high-precision control, it also achieves 1MHz high-frequency drive and circuit optimization through IC analog circuit design technology.

    Compared with the separate structure, "BD9227F" has achieved high efficiency in all load areas. For example, when the load is 300mA, the power conversion efficiency can be increased by approximately 19%. When the load is high, the gap will be more significant.


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