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Installation method of high-strength bolts for industrial fans

  • Date:11-06-2021
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    At present, there are two types of connection between t […]

    At present, there are two types of connection between the output shaft and the hub of the industrial fan motor on the market. One is the high-strength bolt connection, and the other is the King’s unique tensioning device to form a structural self-locking, even if the bolts are loose at the output shaft end. In the case of detachment, the hub and the output shaft can still be reliably fastened together. Whether it is a bolted connection or a structural self-locking and bolted connection, we can find the common points, and bolts will be installed, so now we will talk about the safety methods of high-strength bolts.China external rotor motor fan
    The installation of high-strength bolts should be carried out after adjustment of the center position of the structural components of the industrial fan, and the direction of penetration shall be subject to the convenience of construction, and strive to be consistent. When the high-strength bolt connection accessory is assembled, the side of the nut with the round table should face the chamfered side of the washer. For the assembly of large hexagon head high-strength bolts, the chamfered side of the washer under the bolt head should face the bolt head. The high-strength bolts on a joint should be installed from the middle of the bolt group and tightened one by one. Initial tightening, re-tightening, and final tightening should be extended from the middle of the bolt group to the surroundings and tightened one by one. Each tightening should be marked with a different color paint to prevent leakage. When installing high-strength bolts, it is strictly forbidden to penetrate them forcibly (such as hitting them with a hammer). If it cannot be penetrated freely, the hole should be trimmed with a reamer, and the maximum diameter after trimming should be less than 1.2 times the bolt diameter. When trimming holes, in order to prevent the iron pins from falling into the board overlap seam, all the bolts around the board should be tightened, and the board overlap seam should be tightly attached before reaming. It is strictly forbidden to use gas cutting to ream the hole. When installing high-strength bolts, the friction surface of the component should be kept dry and should not be operated in the rain. After the high-strength bolts are finally screwed, the number of exposed bolt threads should be 2 to 3 buckles, of which 10% of the bolt threads are allowed to expose 1 buckle or 4 buckles.


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