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Solve The Restriction of The Centrifugal Fan

  • Date:31-10-2017
  • Abstract:

    Centrifugal fans are usually similar to paddles. The ai […]

    Centrifugal fans are usually similar to paddles. The air enters the center of the wheel and rotates 90 degrees and then moves radially outwardly due to the centrifugal force generated between the blades of the rotating impeller. With respect to the direction in which the rotation takes place, the blades may be bent in a convex or concave design, or they may be straight. Each design produces unique performance. In order to determine the most suitable centrifugal fan design, the pressure and volume of the air that must be discharged in the ventilation system should be accurately measured.

    Finding the right fans usually requires searching by a catalog created by a centrifugal fan manufacturer. Since some customization may be necessary, it may be a more efficient process to contact several companies that are asking for quotes or inviting them to submit proposals for fan construction and installation. However, more information must be provided, such as pressure and quantity, for more complete and appropriate bids. Information should include temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and air density.

    In many cases, the noise level of the fan is strictly limited. Even if the fan is installed underground, the noise level must be quantified, so the restrictions must be observed. You may need to provide a plan to show the recommended location of the fan and any restrictions on the use of space.

    The installation and operation of the centrifugal fan will require transmission, motor, monitoring equipment and electrical accessories. These can be included in the tender or can be obtained separately. There may also be some limitations on the voltage and available power that can be used in fan operation, which should be clearly indicated. It may also be necessary to use and install the transformer for proper operation, and this problem must also be addressed.


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