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Ways to solve fan noise

  • Date:05-06-2020
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    The method to solve the fan noise, when the fan used by […]

    The method to solve the fan noise, when the fan used by the enterprise feels noisy, there are the following 4 solutions:

    1) The noise of the cabinet and the motor can be solved by installing a sound insulation cover. The fan is placed in an independent fan sound insulation room, and sound absorption and sound insulation treatment are performed in the fan room. "Main fan for mine"
    2) Install a muffler outside the exhaust port of the fan, with a built-in muffler insert, so that the noise is reduced when passing through a specially constructed muffler. The muffler is an effective measure to reduce the radiation of the aerodynamic equipment inlet and exhaust ports or to transmit noise along the pipe. "Mining energy-saving fan"
    3) Use muffler blinds as much as possible for the outer blinds of the ground floor. "Counter cyclone"
    4) Damping spring hanger shock absorber is used for fan suspension.external rotor motor fan Manufacturers

    Among them, it is the most commonly used to add a soundproof cover to solve. Everything else must be purchased from the manufacturer. Also depends on the form of on-site fan use, and the size of its geographic location. We can discuss and solve problems and learn from each other.


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