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What are the key technologies of centrifugal fans?

  • Date:11-07-2020
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    Fan overview: The fan is one of the commonly used equip […]

    Fan overview: The fan is one of the commonly used equipment in various factories and enterprises, especially the application of the fan is more extensive. Boiler blast, smoke and dust removal, ventilation and cooling are inseparable from fans. In power stations, mines, chemical engineering and environmental protection projects, fans are indispensable and important equipment. Correctly controlling the design of the fan is very important to ensure the normal economic operation of the fan. important.China EC Fans Manufacturers

    Design analysis of key technologies
    When designing a centrifugal fan, the key is to master the determination of the impeller blade exit angle β2A.

    According to the difference of the blade exit angle β2A, the blade can be divided into three types: backward curved blade (β2A<90℃), radial outlet blade (β2A=90℃) and forward curved blade (β2A>90℃).



    The three blade types of impellers are currently used in fan design. The characteristics of the front curved blade impeller are small size and weight, and the price is low, while the back curved blade impeller can improve efficiency and save energy. Therefore, in modern production of fans, especially large power large fans mostly use back curved blades.

    The efficiency of modern front curved blade fans has been significantly improved compared to the old products, so it is still widely used in small flow and high pressure applications or low pressure and large flow applications.

    Radial outlet blades are not commonly used in my country. In some fans that require wear and corrosion resistance, radial outlet straight blades are commonly used.

    The design of the centrifugal fan impeller must also take into account that there is a certain relationship between the specific speed and the blade type (Example Table 4), so while determining the blade outlet angle, the effect of the three blade types on pressure, radial size and efficiency must be considered comprehensively , And then determine after synthesizing Table 1 and Table 4.

    Correctly determining the outlet angle β2A of the impeller blades of the centrifugal fan will lay a solid foundation for the determination of other major geometric dimensions of the impeller, thus playing a key role in the performance of the entire centrifugal fan.


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