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What to pay attention to when installing a single air blower?

  • Date:03-11-2021
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    The installation of a single-inlet blower cannot be ins […]

    The installation of a single-inlet blower cannot be installed at will, otherwise there will be many safety hazards. The following are a few precautions for the installation of a single-inlet blower, for reference only.

    1. To avoid that the position of the fan motor power supply pipe is not on the same side as the fan power supply interface, measures:
    a. Double pipe installation is adopted, and one pipe is installed on the left and right sides of the fan installation position;
    b. When ordering, indicate the left and right entry requirements on the order requirements according to the site conditions;
    c. Part of the fan wiring terminals are repositioned and modified.

    2. There should be a waterproof bend or metal hose at the end of the motor power supply, and the length should not exceed 50cm.

    3. The installation of the fan shall be carried out after the overall structure of the equipment is balanced.

    4. Reserve a space near the power cord to install the power tube.

    5. If the fan is installed outdoors, install a rain cover at the air inlet and outlet, or install a protective cover.

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