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How to reverse the rotation of the kitchen exhaust fan?

  • Date:26-03-2021
  • Abstract:

    The three-phase axial flow fan changes from exhaust air […]

    The three-phase axial flow fan changes from exhaust air to supply air. As long as any two of the phase wires are exchanged, the direction of rotation is reversed.
    If the single-phase fan rotates in the reverse direction, just connect a wire connected to the capacitor from one end of the capacitor to the other end of the capacitor, and the single-phase motor will reverse.
    However, the modification brings about two problems: First, if the connection between the fan blade and the motor shaft is tightened with a nut, changing the direction of rotation may cause the nut to loosen and fall off, so the original nut on the shaft should be prevented from loosening. Spacers or pins can be used unless the original design allows both forward and reverse. Second, the cooling problem of the motor itself. After the wind direction changes, the cooling environment of the motor itself changes. Pay attention to whether the temperature rises during continuous operation.China Industrial Exhaust Fans
    In addition, the air pressure generated by the exhaust fan is small. When the air is supplied through the pipe, if the pipe section is small or the pipe is longer, there will be greater resistance. Will this resistance cause the motor to be overloaded and the temperature rise is greater , Pay attention, otherwise it will affect its service life.
    Exhaust fan is a kind of axial flow fan. It is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation cooling projects and is called exhaust fan. The exhaust fan has the characteristics of super large air duct, super large blade diameter, super large exhaust air volume, super low energy consumption, low speed, low noise and so on. It can be used together with the cooling water curtain to solve the problems of ventilation and cooling in one fell swoop. During the operation of the exhaust fan, a negative pressure environment is formed in the room. If a cooling water curtain is installed on the other side of the outlet of the exhaust fan, the exhaust fan will exhaust the sultry indoor air out of the room, and at the same time, the low-temperature air rich in water vapor will be sucked into the room through the cooling water curtain to achieve ventilation and cooling. Effect. Exhaust fans, also known as negative pressure fans, negative pressure fans, etc.
    Kitchen exhaust fan features:
    1. The kitchen exhaust fan has an integrated and individual design without a mask, which makes cleaning more convenient, more economical and visually pleasing.
    2. The kitchen exhaust fan is the first to use the latest solid lubricants from the United States, no impurities, anti-leakage, and the lower part of the high temperature state can effectively reduce the noise and harmful substances of the motor, extend the life of the motor, improve the safety factor, and meet environmental protection standards.
    3. The kitchen exhaust fan has unique anti-static technology, so that the mask can effectively prevent static electricity, it is difficult to absorb dust, and it is not easy to change color. The surface is treated with special technology to reduce reflection and reduce visual fatigue.
    4. The design of the fan blades and runners of the kitchen exhaust fan is perfect to achieve an ideal dynamic balance, which is beneficial to improve aerodynamic performance and achieve superior low noise and large air volume.
    5. The metal frame of the kitchen exhaust fan is coated with special surface treatment, anti-corrosion, hard to rust, durable and good insulation performance.
    6. ​​The detachable oil collecting pipe box of the kitchen exhaust fan has a unique concealed nozzle setting, which makes it easier and faster to remove oil.



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