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The key elements of choosing a negative pressure air cooler

  • Date:02-04-2021
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    1. It depends on the production process. The production […]

    1. It depends on the production process. The production and processing technology of the air cooler is not only reflected in the normal operation of the equipment, but also in the company's attitude to work, product quality requirements and work style, and the advanced level of equipment. When purchasing products, users can see whether the contact points of the air cooler are tight and whether they have sufficient airtightness. Whether the link parts used are made fine and fineChina Industrial Exhaust Fans Suppliers, whether the installation is complete, whether the contact surface is flat and tight, and so on. If the structural design from the outside of the air cooler does not meet the requirements, the quality of the core part of the air cooler can be imagined.

    2. Check whether the internal parts are authentic. The air cooler is a large whole, which is composed of a variety of parts through precise combination. The quality of the parts directly affects the performance and life of the air cooler. Therefore, checking the internal components when purchasing is the most important thing. However, it is difficult for general users to check the internal structure and components, so when choosing, try to choose products from large manufacturers, or ask technicians about the brand and performance of components.

    3. Appearance. Although appearance does not represent quality, products with smooth and beautiful surfaces will definitely use finer molds. Beautiful products may not have good quality, but good quality products will definitely not have bad appearance. When purchasing, we can feel the exquisite workmanship of the air cooler by hand to see if there is any deformation, unevenness, collision marks, etc., as well as the distribution of the color blocks on the air cooler shell, to see if there are bubbles, Unknown spots and other defects; in addition to the plastic shell, stainless steel is also an excellent material that can be selected. In today's market environment, if a manufacturer doesn't even bother to pay attention to the appearance, it is impossible to make every effort to consider the quality of the user.


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