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How to solve the damage and dust accumulation of centrifugal fan?

  • Date:13-12-2021
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    The root cause of equipment damage must be solved first […]

    The root cause of equipment damage must be solved first. In practical applications, the natural barrier of the centrifugal fan is the main and secondary reason for its fragility. Abrasion resistance starts with viewing angle and material factors. Centrifugal fans are easy to damage and accumulate dust.

    In the whole process of centrifugal fan manufacturing, heat treatment process is carried out, but the strength is the same, but the wear resistance after the heat treatment process is different.

    There have been special tools that have damaged all personnel, including rolling bearings, blades and revolvers. In addition to learning the shape of the daily tasks of the centrifugal fan, they also regularly and ineffectively maintain the shape of the daily tasks of the vacuum cleaner, which reduces the production of examination results. Second, the natural environment of the daily tasks of dust removal equipment has a great reflection on the damage of the centrifugal fan.

    The dust accumulation of the centrifugal fan is the result of long-term storage of the centrifugal fan. Especially when using a centrifugal fan, such as a centrifugal fan or a centrifugal fan, damage to the blades can easily cause the dust collector to vibrate.

    Therefore, it is necessary to choose a centrifugal fan with good sealing performance as much as possible to reduce the probability of collection and design problems, and reduce the probability of ash removal by the centrifugal fan.

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