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Is the centrifugal fan just for ventilation?

  • Date:07-12-2021
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    Centrifugal fans are common mechanical equipment. Every […]

    Centrifugal fans are common mechanical equipment. Everyone habitually believes that centrifugal fans are used for ventilation, but apart from ventilation, centrifugal fans have other functions. Do you know? Let me give you an example.

    Centrifugal fan is a centrifugal fan used in some warehouses according to different application fields. This kind of centrifugal fan has more functions, which can maintain the dry condition in the warehouse while playing the role of ventilation. If it is some special warehouses, it will also play a role in cooling down. Especially in some warehouses that store grain, the role of centrifugal fans is extremely important. If there is no centrifugal fan, grain will not be stored in the warehouse.

    If it is cloudy and rainy, the grain in the granary will be mildewed. The reason why China is able to supply food in such a timely manner is due to this centrifugal fan.

    There is also a centrifugal fan used in the cold storage room. This centrifugal fan mainly plays a role of cooling and ventilation. Normally, the rotation speed of this kind of centrifugal fan is not very fast, and one of its functions is to prevent outside air from entering the refrigerating compartment, so as to maintain the indoor temperature.

    In addition to our common ventilation function, the centrifugal fan actually has many functions, which are just ignored by everyone in the application. In addition to the applications mentioned above, the researchers of Wonderful Fan believe that more new industries have begun to integrate with centrifugal fans, and future demand will be even greater.

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