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Machining method for industrial fan without cutting fluid

  • Date:27-04-2021
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    In recent years, with the rapid development of the nati […]

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy and the vigorous development of the manufacturing industry, the production costs are also increasing year by year. How to control costs must be considered by enterprises, such as the problems that industrial fan blades should pay attention to when cutting without cutting fluid.
    First of all, let's take a look at the advantages of no cutting fluid cutting process, (1) economic aspects. Calculations show that the cost of using cutting fluid accounts for about 10% of the total manufacturing cost, while the cost of cutting tool consumption only accounts for about 3% of the manufacturing cost; (2) Environmental protection. The use of cutting fluid will cause long-term exposure to the cutting fluid in the air to affect the well-being of the operator, and also cause environmental impacts on the workshop site, water quality, air, and soil.
    Therefore, cutting fluid-free cutting can not only save costs, but also have the effect of environmental protection, but when machining castings with cutting fluid-free cutting technology, the tool wear is great. However, in recent years, alloys have been used as tool materials, and the application of carburizing and coating technologies has made it possible to cut gears without cutting fluid. So we can study the machining method of gear without cutting fluid.
    1. Machining method of gear without cutting fluid
    (1) Hobbing without cutting fluid. Some progress has been made in the use of cemented carbide and ceramic tools for cutting fluid-free machining in gear hobbing. Some companies have designed a new type of gear hobbing machine, the hob head is equipped with 2500r/min and 15KW motor, the hob diameter is 750mm, the hob cutting speed reaches 600r/min, and the worktable is preloaded by a compound with a speed of 400r/min. Loaded gear chain transmission, and equipped with chip removal and loading and unloading mechanism for cutting fluid-free machining, cutting fluid-free machining with cemented carbide and ceramic hobs, the results show that compared with traditional machining methods, machining time and processing are saved Cost; such as the processing technology of hobbing ordinary gears, the cutting speed is 120m/min, the feed speed is 3mm/r, including the loading and unloading time, the processing time for each workpiece is 45 seconds. If the cemented carbide hob is used for machining without cutting fluid, and the cutting speed is 280m/min, each workpiece will be reduced for 20 seconds. When the ceramic hob is used for cutting, it can be reduced to 15 seconds, which can also reduce the cost of gear hobbing A reduction of 10%, the processing quality is not much different from the traditional processing technology, and it does not affect the subsequent heat treatment and the finishing (honing) of the hard gear or other processing methods.
    (2) Gear shaping without cutting fluid. Gear shaping is intermittent cutting, and the tool is under mechanical and thermal load. As multiple cutting edges participate in cutting, the superposition of its unique tool load will cause the tool to wear. The traditional machining method of reciprocating gear shaping will cause the surface of the processed casting to deform and harden the tooth surface, which will cause tool wear and affect the quality of machining. The gear shaping method of controlled cutting is adopted. Due to the transverse feed speed and radial feed, the machining rake face wear of the tool is smaller than that of the traditional machining method. With the coating technology, compared with the traditional gear shaper, the durability of the tool is greatly improved. In addition to the ordinary hard material coating, the gear shaper can also adopt optimized multi-coating and mixed coating. Practice has shown that it is feasible to use traditional coating tools without cutting fluid cutting methods that do not reduce tool life and machining quality. Using optimized coating methods can greatly increase tool life.
    2. No cutting fluid turning processing method
    No-cutting fluid turning processing is a more processing technology, the key is to develop turning tools, improve the shape of the tool, and suitable processing conditions. Under suitable cutting conditions, the use time of turning tools can be increased. When some companies are processing workpieces, the processed part is hardened, and hard milling instead of fine grinding has improved the cutting efficiency.China AC Blower Fans Manufacturers
    3. Grinding without cutting fluid
    In the grinding process, the use of grinding fluid in the grinding process will produce oil and gas fumes, which will cause the deterioration of the environment around the workshop. At the same time, the grinding time is longer and the cost is also high. The grinding method without cutting fluid can be used.
    Strong cold air grinding is a processing method that does not require coolant. The method is to cool the air to below -80°C, and then spray it to the processed part through a nozzle. Because the temperature of the cooled air is very low, there is no heat on the grinding surface Produced, the deformation of the processed part is small.
    At present, the most researched is the quasi-cutting-fluid-free grinding technology of grinding fluid. The research contents include: (1) Recycling technology of grinding fluid; (2) Optimal flow rate of grinding fluid; (3) Efforts Reduce the amount of grinding fluid; (4) Develop substitutes for oil-based grinding fluid; (5) Develop new-type grinding fluid.
    Of course, with the development of science and technology, the production process will become more and more advanced. At that time, the cost of producing an industrial fan will definitely be reduced, just like the machining process from cutting fluid to no cutting fluid. However, cutting fluid-free machining should be the mainstream way of cutting, so you should study carefully, and it can also reduce business costs and create more profits.


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