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Ventilation principle of exhaust fan

  • Date:14-12-2019
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    During the process of exhausting air from the exhaust f […]

    During the process of exhausting air from the exhaust fan, the indoor air pressure will drop, the indoor air will become thinner, forming a negative pressure zone, and the air will flow into the room due to the difference in air pressure. In practical applications of industrial plants, the exhaust fans are usually installed on one side of the plant, the air inlet is on the other side of the plant room, and the air from the air inlet to the exhaust fan forms a convection blower. During this process, the doors and windows near the exhaust fan remain closed, forcing the air into the workshop by compensating the air from the door and window on the side of the air inlet. The air flows into the workshop in an orderly manner through the air inlet, flows through the workshop, and is exhausted by the exhaust fan. The ventilation is thorough and efficient, and the ventilation rate can reach 99%. Through specific engineering design and designing the ventilation speed and wind speed as required, any high heat, harmful gas, dust and smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop, and any poor ventilation can be completely solved at one time. Ventilation can be achieved within seconds of turning on the fan.External Rotor Motor axial Fans manufacturers


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