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What are the requirements for cooling fans in medical equipment?

  • Date:14-07-2021
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    Nowadays, cooling fans have come to all walks of life. […]

    Nowadays, cooling fans have come to all walks of life. From the simple electronic devices before to the current high-end intelligent products, smart homes, car cushionscentrifugal blowers manufacturers, medical equipment, etc., cooling fans have been adopted on a large scale, which equipment in medical equipment will use How about the cooling fan? What are the requirements for the cooling fan?

    In the medical industry, the main function of the cooling fan is ventilation, not the function of heat dissipation. In medical equipment, too much heat is not dissipated at all. Therefore, the function of the cooling fan of the device is ventilation.

    When choosing a fan, we should pay attention to the stability of the fan, wind pressure, air volume and noise. Therefore, the choice of fan is particularly important. High-performance, high-efficiency, low-noise and long-life fans can greatly help the final performance of the equipment. Of course, equally important for medical equipment is a small, powerful, efficient, and high-precision control drive device. Modern operating rooms are inseparable from these medical equipment.

    All axial flow, centrifugal and diagonal flow fans are designed for years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. For severe applications involving extremely high mechanical stresses (such as cooling CT scanner rotors with accelerations up to more than 50 times the acceleration of gravity, or use in analyzers with particularly high requirements for corrosion resistance), we can also provide heavy-duty fans. In particular, when running a CPAP ventilator in the bedroom, a CPAP machine equipped with an inner rotor motor fan ensures that the pressure increases quickly to match the breathing rate-and the device runs very quietly, ensuring that sleep is not disturbed.

    Therefore, in the medical industry, we must pay attention to the stability, wind pressure, air volume, and noise of the fan when we choose the fan. This is my personal understanding and opinion of the editor. If you understand this industry, come and share it.


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